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McCarthy and Kennicott, Alaska


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Kennicott ammonia leaching plant (left) and concentration mill (right)


Kennicott power plant


Concentration mill station for jumbo tramway and bonanza tramway

Kennecott mine (note the different spelling) was the richest copper mine in the world until its closure in 1938. It processed almost 600.000 tons of copper ore and employed some 800 workers in its heyday.
Kennicott was a self-contained company town, complete with a hospital, general store, schoolhouse, baseball field, skating rink, tennis court, recreation hall and dairy.

'Concentration mill' received up to 1200 tons of ore per day from the two tramways and reduced it through crushing, concentration and flotation.
In the 'ammonia leaching plant' the ore from the concentration mill was chemically transformed to ore assaying 75% copper.
In the 'power plant' four steam boilers and two diesel generators provided steam heat and electricity to all of Kennicott's buildings.